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How is HIV spread?

Lesbian sex can be safe.

  • The most important way for to lower your risk of HIV infection is to avoid contact with infected body fluids (blood, vaginal fluid, semen and breast milk).
  • Kissing, touching the outer body, massage and fantasizing are all safe.
  • Having sex with only one uninfected person who is also having sex with only you is safer.

Make riskier sex safer.

  • Talking with your partner can help you make good choices around safer sex.
  • Use a barrier for any sexual activity that involves body fluids,. including:
  • Oral-vaginal and hand vaginal contact.
  • Oral-anal and hand-anal contact.
  • Any sex where blood may be present

Safer sex can be fun!

Knowing how to practice safer sex can help you feel more comfortable and have more fun.

  • For oral sex, cover the vaginal or anal area with plastic wrap, a dental dam, or a square cut out of a latex glove or condom.
  • Use latex gloves for hand-vaginal or hand-anal touching.
  • Use a water based lubricant between the latex and skin to increase pleasure and safety.
  • Sex toys are safe - as long as you don't share hem. If you do share, use a new condom for each partner.
  • If you have sex with men, use a latex condom for vaginal, anal and oral intercourse.

Don't share syringes.

  • Never share syringes for drugs, steroids, hormones or vitamins.
  • For tattoos and body piercing, make sure the artist uses new, clean equipment. inks and jewelry for each person.

What about donor insemination?

  • Because HIV can be passed through semen, insemination has some risk.
  • Using a licensed sperm bank may reduce your risk. Sperm banks carefully screen for HIV.
  • If you are using a known donor, talk with a health care provider about HIV screening.

You may want to get tested.

  • You cannot tell by looking if someone is infected with HIVB. You can be infected and not know.
  • The only way to know for sure is to get an HIV test.
  • Practice safer sex until you and your partner have been tested AND neither of you engage in other high risk activities.