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Kalifa-Gabby Project
(This intervention is pending funding.)

The Kalifa-Gabby Project is an HIV and STD education and prevention project targeting local women who love women of color. Kalifa-Gabby provides participants with multi-session, group-level HIV/STD intervention and a variety of social events to promote community building, ethnic and gender pride, and facilitates community involvement and activism. These activities have been proven to reduce low self-esteem, social stigma and social isolation experienced by women who love women.
California is the only U.S. state named after any person of African descent real or imagined. Most California residents and people around the world, know nothing about how our state was named after a mythical Black Warrior Queen, called Queen Califia. The genesis of the name begins with a story from the 15th century, bestselling adventure " The Exploits Of Explandian" written by Garci Oronez de Montalvo and read by Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez (Hernan Cortes), who was said to be obsessed with the book. Hernando Cortez is the man who conquered Mexico, killed Montezuma, and ended the Aztec empire before entering what we now call Baja California, as he continued his search for gold.