Golden Rule Services

"Treat others the way you want to be treated, but even better!" 

Golden Rule Services Board of Directors

President: Dr. Stephanie Edwards-Norfleet

Vice President (Co-Chair): Michael Kennedy

Secretary: Matthew Couk

Treasurer: Ronald Norfleet

Member: William Green III

Member:  James Douglas
Our Board of Directors are a group of qualified individuals dedicated to supporting the work of Golden Rule Services and providing mission-based leadership and strategic governance.  Our board reflects the demographic profiles of the target populations that the organization serves.  Their responsibilities include determining the organization's mission and purpose, selecting a qualified Executive Director, supporting the Executive and reviewing his/her performance, ensuring effective organizational planning, ensuring adequate responses, effective resource management, determining and monitoring the organization's programs and resources, enhancing the organization's public image, and serving as a court of appeal, and assessing its performance.

How To Become A Board Member

Golden Rule Services (GRS) is seeking individuals with professional backgrounds to join their Board of Directors. We encourage those with backgrounds in, or currently working in the fields of, law enforcement, education, employment development, social work, mental health, banking and finance, politics, and law. We strive to maintain a diverse board and encourage applicants from the People of Color, youth, HIV-positive, LGBT and differently-abled communities. Our board members actively participant in fundraising, community outreach, and furthering our mission objectives. We encourage GRS board members to become active participants in the communities we serve. All board members are expected to actively participate in twelve (12) scheduled board meetings and a board retreat annually. Individuals interested in joining the Board of Directors should call Clarmundo Sullivan at 916-427-4653