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Alternative Sentencing Program

The Sheriff’s Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) is designed to provide an opportunity for people to work community service hours in lieu of paying fines. It also allows certain sentenced individuals the ability to work in their community in lieu of serving time in jail. Participants and participating organizations adhere to specific rules of the program and work closely with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure accountability for all involved. Sacramento Sheriff’s Department staff or participating organization’s site administrators supervise every job site to ensure credit for attendance. Participants pay an application fee and program participation costs (scaled on their ability to pay) making it a highly cost effective program.

ASP has grown into an important opportunity for everyone involved. The participant benefits by being given the opportunity to work off fines which they otherwise may not have been able to afford. It also provides the participant with the opportunity to maintain/recover an active driver’s license by avoiding the suspension that comes with the failure to pay fines.

ASP participants benefit the entire community by completing many tasks for local nonprofit and public organizations (including but not limited to) veteran’s assistance programs, homeless assistance organizations, and community food banks.

ASP is a valuable tool for the criminal justice system which reduces jail overcrowding and in turn reduces jail expenses to local taxpayers. Allowing sentenced offenders to earn incarceration credits through this program provides a number of benefits for the offenders and for the community including keeping families together, allowing participants to maintain employment, and sustain their housing.

Participants are selected and referred to ASP through the court system.

The Alternative Sentencing Program helps Golden Rule Services to fulfill our mission to resolve criminal justice disparities.

Golden Rule Services (GRS) was founded in response to a gap in local culturally competent services provided to People of Color communities in Sacramento County, and to resolve disproportionate health, education, employment and criminal justice disparities experienced within those communities. GRS's initial programmatic focus was criminal justice disparities. GRS successfully secured contracts with Sacramento Youth Peer Court, Sacramento County Probation, and Sacramento City Unified School District to provide life skills classes, anger management classes, mentoring and counseling services to high risk youth. 

Golden Rule Services is been a proud participant of the Alternative Sentencing Program since December 2012

From December 2012 - August 2016, GRS has helped participants of ASP log over 1300 documented community service hours. 

The ASP program helps participants achieve positive results. One participant with GRS went on to obtain her Master's Degree. Another became a long term secretary, donating 8 hours a week for two years, and became a GRS board member.