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Alternative Sentencing Program

Since 2012, Golden Rule Services (GRS) has been a proud community partner of the Alternative Sentencing Program

The Sheriff’s Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) is designed to provide an opportunity for people to work community service hours in lieu of paying fines. It also allows certain sentenced individuals the ability to work in their community in lieu of serving time in jail. Participants and participating organizations adhere to specific rules of the program and work closely with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure accountability for all involved. Sacramento Sheriff’s Department staff or participating organization’s site administrators supervise every job site to ensure credit for attendance. Participants pay an application fee and program participation costs (scaled on their ability to pay) making it a highly cost effective program.

GRS participation in the ASP program helps achieve a part of our mission, which is to reduce criminal justice disparities.

From Dec. 2012 - Aug. 2016, GRS has helped participants of ASP log over 1300 documented community service hours.

From 2015 - 2018, GRS has helped 79 individuals perform community service for a total of 2,070 man hours.  Not only did GRS assist participants to successfully complete their hours and gain valuable work experience, but also donated but also secured $22,770 in in-kind volunteer hours.

Some of the past participants of the program went on to become ongoing volunteers, board members, and college graduates.