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In Conjunction with the Black AIDS Institute, Golden Rule Services is participating in the #30DAYSofHIV campaign, to bring awareness to the effects of the HIV crisis on African American men and women in the United States. May 27 - June 27.

Addressing PrEP Disparities among Young Gay & Bisexual Men in CA

(CA HIV/AIDS Research Program)

Young gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (YMSM), particularly black and Latino YMSM, are at highest risk for HIV in California and across the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that if current rates persist, half of all black—and a quarter of all Latino—gay and bisexual men could be infected with HIV in their lifetimes. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a highly effective HIV prevention intervention that could drastically reduce the number of new HIV infections among YMSM. PrEP uses a well-established antiretroviral medication, Truvada, to block HIV infection in at-risk HIV-negative individuals. When taken as prescribed, Truvada is proven to be over 90 percent effective at preventing HIV.


Resolution For Clarmundo Sullivan From Assemblyman Kevin McCarty
On February 7 Golden Rule Services held its annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event. GRS was able to feed over 50 people, educate and hand out information on PrEP, needle exchange programs and HIV and STD prevention, and test 27 individuals for HIV. This is more testing conducted than any prior NBHAAD event! GRS Founder and Executive Director Clarmundo Sullivan was presented a resolution from Assemblyman McCarty in recognition of his lifelong dedication to ending justice disparities in the People of Color communities as well as his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Bolt hosted a "Diversity Day" fundraiser event on Feb. 17. 

This year's recipient was Golden Rule Services. The purpose of the event was to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within our community, raise awareness of the disproportionate rates of HIV in People of Color communities, and encourage patrons to know their HIV status. Patrons were provided free BBQ, drink specials, and opportunities to win one of the 20 donated raffle prizes. GRS provided attendees with free HIV and STD screenings. Nine individuals were tested. General donations, Jell-O shots and raffle tickets sales resulted in raising $375.

USB Stick Can Test HIV Viral Load - Scientists have developed a USB stick that can measure an HIV-positive person’s viral load. Using a drop of blood, the stick can be plugged into a computer, laptop or handheld electronic device to give results within half an hour.  READ FULL STORY HERE

Daily Use of Mouthwash Could Cure Gonorrhea -  “Our data provides preliminary evidence to support the further investigation of mouthwash as a non-condom-based control measure for gonorrhea,” researchers concluded. “Listerine mouthwash is a cheap, easy to use and effective agent that inhibits gonorrhea growth and requires further careful consideration and study.”   READ FULL STORY HERE
Can Offering Free Water at Bars Prevent HIV? -  A new study from University of California San Francisco and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation found that when men are offered free self-service water at gay bars they aren't as drunk when they leave. Researchers believe that could have a positive impact on HIV rates in the city  — because sober people make better choices about sexual health. READ FULL STORY HERE
'Culture of Health' Requires Focus on Young Men of Color, Study Finds

( opportunities and eliminating barriers to health and success for young men of color is critical to fully realizing a national "culture of health," a
series of issue briefs from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds. The briefs offer a number of recommendations designed to address the barriers and disparities faced by young men of color  READ FULL STORY


Golden Rule Services is proud to once again be a part of the NorCal AIDS Cycle raising much needed funds to support HIV/AIDS-related services within the inland Northern California region. Please consider being part of the GRS 2017 team (call 916-427-4653 for more information) or making a donation towards our fundraising goal by CLICKING HERE!

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Long-Acting Antibody Successfully Combats Drug-Resistant HIV


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Recommendations For

PrEP HIV Preventative

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